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  2. Would there be any interest/chance of adding this mod; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2303483532&searchtext=Car+net I understand the hassle adding just a single mod to a server can cause & probably dependent on popularity. Cheers guys
  3. Yesterday
  4. why always "connecting failed an unknown error has occurred" Help me plz.
  5. Hello .. The sever has loss a lot of cool and fun stuff once expansion was removed .. Would like to highlight some stuff that made the sever really fun .. **Universal suppressor** The universal suppressor was one of the best mods added .. It allows us to attach to almost every gun in the sever ( AR,Snipers ) Would recommend to bring this back to 1sk ! **GM Trader** What I feel after the change you made on this trader seems like you removed the normal guns .. I honestly feel that it was unnecessary .. GM itself is a non-safezone trader
  6. Last week
  7. @Daltron Have a look in the guides section mate, there is a walk through there for you
  8. Add a little more strategy to the game by removing unlimited stamina and increase water consumption requirement...
  9. Have changed my survivor name like 4 times but it still asks me to change it.
  10. When your in the Discord go to the channel called Bot-Spam and do the command .wipe and it will tell you, Everything is reset including Money, Garages and bases Kind Regards, vshisted.
  11. When is the server reset? Also what is deleted on each server wipe?
  12. Mainly because I'm sick of randoms in safezones jumping in my chopper or running straight to my chopper as soon as I land to see what I have in its inventory. Slows down the process or being able to do gun runs and shit. Would be nice to see a feature to lock the vehicle to the owner/squad, like the codelock for bases. Preventing randoms from just jumping in it and taking off, or accessing the inventory. Making it like a 30 second process for someone who isn't the owner/squadmate to unlock with a lockpick. Or 1-2 minutes to brute force it with empty hands? Or simple make it impo
  13. bcz the helicopter is a big deal if we can keep it.
  14. Is there any way of getting the ability to lock up Heli and cars ATM. PLEASE.
  15. The ability to add metal or concrete to 1sk building for tiers of protection
  16. Maybe 1sk could give a faction server ago no trader c4 raid custom arm bands/flags I personally would love to see a aus faction server
  17. will it be all spec ops attachments and mags or will the ax-50, barrett, m200 and tac-95 attachments be only spec ops still?
  18. Earlier
  19. No, that's not the point of earplugs, just mute your game if you want no sound. Safes are planned though I can't say when they will be making a reappearance, we also have something else in the works that may help you defend your precious gear. New vehicles - it's unlikely any will be added, they would be plagued with the same issues the few we have already are, vehicles just don't work very well on highly populated servers. As for AI missions, no modder (as far as I know) has been able to produce properly functioning AI (if you are talking about the one I am thinkin
  20. Spec op guns will be sellable at normal traders for 45% less, as well as most of their attachments and magazines being buyable at normal traders in an upcoming update.
  21. Can we get the textured vanilla style plate carrier vests back in? Them was my favourite
  22. Per Phil's above, I wouldn't be against an AI related mission if it's doable. The current Zombie Hordes on drops are seemingly easy to negotiate in most encounters (Until you get trapped) and would add a change of pace to drops. I've seen that there was a mod released at the end of last year, roughly July from memory that AI were added into a server as roaming patrols. Arma 2 DayZ mod had a similar system, however I believe this was much easier to implement.
  23. b3nny

    My Ban.

    Okay cheers buddy.
  24. Vshisted

    My Ban.

    Hey @b3nny, You have posted in the DayZ General section, you can submit a Ban Appeal in the other section. https://www.1skgaming.com/forms/3-ban-appeal/ Kind Regards, vshisted. PS.. i'll tag Wydox here so he can read this post. @wydox
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