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  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mCo1mSr0EY&t=2s
  6. G'day team, New joiner here - well havent made it in yet. Can you advise what mods are required to get into your AU-1 Server? Cheers ears
  7. i am a five-star good citizen i hope the administrator can help me solve the problem
  8. I use the VPN,Unable to log on to your server i need help ! i need help !
  9. Hey, you can run the command .wipe in our #bot-spam channel on discord, this will give you a rough timeframe for our wipes.
  10. Has anyone had this problem of not being about to connect due to a name issue? Keeps saying my name is survivor and kicking me and asking me to rename, I have created new characters to try too, Thanks in advance"
  11. Hey everyone. Just had a quick inquiry about when the AU-1 Server wipes and where I can check for the future wipes. Thanks !
  12. Good morning 1SK Keeps kicking me from game saying (verifying PBO failed: @modular vest System\modularvestsystem.pbo) Just wondering if this is on my end and how I could fix. Regards Rudy
  13. Increase the truck inventory to 1k-2k so it has more use currently has only slightly more than a littlebird.
  14. I had that issue for hours and finally downloaded the DZSA launcher and joined from there and had no issues getting on the server.
  15. Hey guys, trying to join the server, last night no worries, today, no chance, it wants me to download and addon called "Helicopter SIB Bell" but I can't find that addon at all? tried downloading a bunch of other mods that had the semi same info and no luck! Cheers Fluxy
  16. In the title +1 If you agree
  17. Yayayayayaya

  18. can u put some new heli like military heli or black hawk or some heli can carry more than 4 people please its would b great thx.
  19. Hey @KyzAh99 You can submit a ban appeal if you believe you were wrongfully banned, here is the link https://www.1skgaming.com/forms/3-ban-appeal/ Kind Regards, vshisted.
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