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  5. @Pasternax Please make a ticket on discord for live support with a screenshot of the error if this issue persists. This issue is hard to discuss over a forum, as it will involve many steps based on the situation.
  6. @LoganS Is this situation still occurring? If so, can you attach the error message you're receiving for more help.
  7. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has any idea why I keep getting connecting failed when trying to join the AU1 server. I have recently updated my game, Verified dayz in steam, Verified all my mods, and have tried defragmenting my drives. Has anyone fixed this isuue? What could it possibly be? Will reinstalling everything fix this?
  8. Hi @korfree, Join our discord here https://1skgaming.com/discord and make a VPN ticket in the #vpn-whitelist channel. Regards SuperJazza
  9. I read the rules but didn't get the answer I was looking for
  10. I want a lag-free state, so can I use a vpn?
  11. Need help to fix - Dayz version mismatch Dayzserver version (1.12.153904) doesn't match the local version (1.13.154025)
  12. Guys, I jumped into the server immediately after reboot, i was driving to a base location with my humvee filed with 100K worth of items, the server crashed, i couldnt get out of the car, neither could my teammate "greg", then when we loaded back in the humvee and all base building kit was gone... and now we have lost our gear... Who can help us here? Seems a bit rough?
  13. i have all the mods including the one it says i don't have, yet it refuses to let me join
  14. @HashLobster @Frz2k Your steam account will need to be 45 days old to join the AU1 server. Regards, SuperJazza.
  15. I downloaded all the mods required for the AU-1 server but every time I join I get kicked with a message saying that I do not have the Required mods or DLC installed. I have redownloaded all the mods and tried again with no luck.
  16. This is a guide on how to activate 1SK's low spec mode or "potato mode". Potato mode reduces the render distance to 1200m, as opposed to the default of 2200m, usually gaining a significant FPS boost. To Activate potato mode in DayZ Launcher: 1. Close DayZ and DayZ Launcher 2.Open your Steam Library 2. Right click on the DayZ game and click properties 3. Add "-potatomode 1" or "-potatomode true" to the launch options in the GENERAL tab. To Activate potato mode in DZSA Launcher: 1. Close DayZ 2. Open DZSA Launcher 3. Click the settings tab in the top right corner of the window 4. Add "-potatomode 1" or "-potatomode true" to the Additional Parameters box.
  17. The requirement is 45 days, message is incorrect.
  18. I try to join au-1 and it kicks me and says your account needs to be 7 days old, this was today, yesterday i tried to join it said my account need to be 6 days old, and then a few days ago it said my account needs to be atleast 1 day old the days just keep going up and not sure why.
  19. https://www.wobo.tools/ Thanks to https://www.youtube.com/user/WOBOchannel
  20. Like gorilla growing plant here and there come back for harvest
  21. I agree this server should get a mod so you can lock cars n helis MuchCarKey mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2049002856#:~:text=Take key in hand%2C look,to lock%2Cunlock the car.
  22. Are cars lockable ?
  23. Hey guys this is my first time playing dayz on pc and I’ve downloaded all the mods for sk servers and launch the game through dzsa launcher but I keep getting kicked from the server stating (Admin kick (your account must be at least 14 days old)) any ideas on how to fix this?
  24. 朋友,有联系方式吗,discord怎么申请,教我一下,我有好几个朋友想一起玩。
  25. Looking for squadmates on Au-1

  26. Hey @Grunk can you make a support ticket on our discord and one of our staff members will assist you directly, here is an invite to our discord if you aren't already in it. https://discord.gg/5S4fKJuhEp Kind Regards, vshisted.
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