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  4. Pretty self explanatory. Reduce / Rework the penalties applied to the Ratnik / Tac-95 / PKM. Potential solutions could be something like. Allow sprinting but at a reduced speed, or sprinting at full speed but sprinting uses stamina. Overall this is open for discussion with everyone i just want to start the conversation. As there is an argument for the strength of the items mentioned in stationary positions.
  5. People will camp sz and how can i tell how close they were to SZ? My video wont show the distance
  6. New map and party system is great and all but we need to bring back distances on markers. Half the server is whinging about how do i tell the distance from SZ to my base, distance from SZ to combat and etc. Gonna be shambolic and its annoying.
  7. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.408_Cheyenne_Tactical#:~:text=408 CheyTac chambered gun%2C shooting,%3D 1.225 kg%2Fm³).
  8. Currently on the server the rounds are going at 1600m/s, which is completely ridiculous. The real life avg muzzle velocity for the round is 1,100m/s. That might not sound like much of a difference but that’s a really extreme number. For reference the fastest commercial cartridge was 1,200m/s, a 7.62x39 round in DayZ travels at 900m/s. It reduces the gun to a point and click adventure game. At least with the 50cals they have a realistic bullet travel time.
  9. Earlier
  10. +1 I think keeping AU-2 as is, is fine. Replace livonia with Deer Isle. Theres more to do than look at empty fields and forests like livonia.
  11. Basically replace Livonia after this coming wipe for Deer Isle and see what happens, i've seen a decent amount of players ask for Deer Isle but it would be a bit of a gamble but would definitely be interesting Alternatively you could also switch Au-2 to Deer Isle and have Au-4 stay as Livonia but due to the lack of players on Au-4 i think it would be smarter to switch it for the wipe and then decide if its better to keep Deer Isle or switch back to Livonia
  12. I think that'd be really nice +1 Would make raiding other bases way more worthwhile
  13. From what I have seen and heard, I don't think anyone is unhappy with the availability/price of sledge-hammers, more so the time invested to actually use it. I don't think putting them on the loot table will make any change to raiding. Just wait out, staff are working to get C4 into the game, which will make raiding time worthy again!
  14. Surely make it so you can find sledgiess again, the drop chance was insanely rare which made it worth checking every single little shed. Idk just an idea
  15. +1 I think this is a good idea, as said above it makes finding them far more rewarding.
  16. I'm all for this, I think camping drug trader is pretty cheese and resident sleeper, and it would add to the quality of raiding if the weed was harder to obtain.
  17. Could we try a wipe with Weed seeds being findable only? Remove from drug trader - makes setting up a farm harder but also more rewarding when you get it going - might spread the PvP a bit with people looking for seeds
  18. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2251677907 Upgraded version of the current upgraded trader by the same guy
  19. yes please! and grishino. doing this may also help spread PVP
  20. First of all the wipe, it's my opinion that a wipe sooner rather than later would benefit the dieing AU3 greatly. In my opinion I would like to see the wipe be done with AU3 wiping on Friday the 24th (46 days in) and have AU1+2 wipe on the Saturday. From my experience day 1 of a wipe is the more enjoyable and most active, players who have little to no experience of first person pov would probably log in and would take the day to see if they like it or not. Whether or not they like it we would see AU3 at 110 for the day and that would breath life into AU3 that's needed right now. Second,
  21. I agree, Buildings in vybor have been aids for many past wipes.. Maybe its time to ban them for next wipe.
  22. TBH the frame and lag drops you get at NWAF from Vybor, Grishino and kabanino bases make PvP worse (0 bias). It should be a 1200m no building radius from any major PvP spots (nwaf, neaf. zelen and potentially balota) Between 50+ weed plants and 20+ code locks cause low end PC's to just die and it's not fair in a PvP hot spot.
  23. Imagine letting this guy admin your server, what a joke
  24. Idk how to do it, but I was sending a gif of the guy throwing salt around, if that helps.
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