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  1. Hey, you can run the command .wipe in our #bot-spam channel on discord, this will give you a rough timeframe for our wipes.
  2. Hey, Thanks for you suggestion. I am currently looking at ways to balance our raiding/building system. Stay tuned for an update in the near future.
  3. You are literally on the forums chucking a tantrum because you got banned for being racist. Your “you banned me but not them!” Argument Is so childish it’s not even funny. Locking this thread now because I really don’t care about the opinion of a proven racist trying to tell me how to run my community. wake up to yourself, tough guy.
  4. So you got banned for being racist but are complaining about admins not banning people?
  5. Normal bleed? And congrats this is probably one of the most disgusting suggestions I’ve seen in a while lol
  6. wydox

    Early Wipe?

    With Christmas and Holidays approaching I'm wanting to know what the community wants to do in terms of the upcoming server wipe, should we wipe before Christmas? (coming days) or after new years? I'm keen to know you opinions. Vote in the poll and discuss below.
  7. Hey @Fyher We are currently developing a server for this mod Stay tuned for more info!
  8. The price of pots and hemp sales are like this to make the return on investment time longer for weed farmers, the money is still there and there is a lot to be made, it just takes abit longer before you are in the profits.
  9. Gun attachments is a bug that I will fix shortly, the others, like having attachments added to your guns on purchase is not possible due to DayZ limitations.
  10. Hey, As you know in the last wipe update we removed two mod, MassManyItems and MortysWeapons. This was done in an effort to better control what we have on our server and to make sure what we have cannot be found elsewhere on any other DayZ server. With that being said I can assure you this weapon will make a return shortly, along with many others.
  11. Not possible with out current mod setup, and im not to sure how i feel about this.
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