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  1. I agree, Buildings in vybor have been aids for many past wipes.. Maybe its time to ban them for next wipe.
  2. Modded cars cause far to many issues, they aren't worth adding to the server.
  3. Seems you have turned your HUD off, you can turn it back on by either holding your ` key or pressing it
  4. Its a core dayz bug, nothing I can do to fix.
  5. The main reason Summer Chernarus has not been added to our servers is for client performance, the overhaul map adds a lot of extra foliage which fucks users on lower end PCs
  6. Are you talking about the ability to wear a ghillie suit and a backpack? If so than this is already possible, when buying a ghillie suit read the description and be sure to purchase the "Mass" ghillie suit, and you will be able to wear a bag. If you are talking about a backpack with a sort of ghillie suit camouflage then I may look into doing something like this in the future.
  7. Not going to happen.
  8. Hey, thanks for pointing this out, has been fixed as of next server restart.
  9. We have used this mod in the past, and there were performance issues that came with it. Also a major issue where when a player died the gun in his hand would become unlootable, im unsure if thats been fixed but I'll look into it.
  10. Do you have any video of this? any steps to re-produce? "Fix the dam hellis 1sk" gives me nothing to work with what so ever. I also suggest fixing your attitude in the way you approach 'suggestions'
  11. Seems like a weird UI glitch, restarting your game should fix it.
  12. There are two ways to change your In-Game name on DayZ, firstly we will go through how to change it on DZSALauncher. If you do not have DZSALauncher you can download it here; http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home Once you have downloaded DZSALauncher navigate to the top right of the launcher and click the settings button Once you are in settings navigate to the "Ingame Name" section and apply your In-Game name And you're all set, simply join a server through DZSALauncher and your ingame name will be what you have filled out in the settings. STANDARD DAYZ LAUNCHER Setting your in
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