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  1. Do you have examples of this? Because we do not discriminate based on donator status nor staff rank. You break the rules you get punished... It's as simple as that.
  2. Not sure why you are making a fuss when you were banned for racism which we have on recording... Perhaps next time when you are having a grill session between players you avoid saying things that might get you banned...
  3. Lol I have no idea, guess its easy enough to do but you have to click a few times for that to even happen. Its abit odd for sure. Problem is you were originally banned for safezone trolling then with the link sharing it escalated to a perm. Best lodge a ban appeal rather than pm'in/poking or W/e a staff member directly as we simply won't read it nor pay any attention to it... This is why we have the forums and discord tickets...
  4. Both of your points are kind of mute. A compensation request was already lodged and awaiting for a mod to review and send the comp money through. The second I don't even get but we don't allow advertising of any kind within our discord or forums.
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