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  1. I'm all for this, I think camping drug trader is pretty cheese and resident sleeper, and it would add to the quality of raiding if the weed was harder to obtain.
  2. First of all the wipe, it's my opinion that a wipe sooner rather than later would benefit the dieing AU3 greatly. In my opinion I would like to see the wipe be done with AU3 wiping on Friday the 24th (46 days in) and have AU1+2 wipe on the Saturday. From my experience day 1 of a wipe is the more enjoyable and most active, players who have little to no experience of first person pov would probably log in and would take the day to see if they like it or not. Whether or not they like it we would see AU3 at 110 for the day and that would breath life into AU3 that's needed right now. Second,
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