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  1. Hi @Andy, The EU & US servers were closed down due to lack of players. Very sorry about that
  2. Hi @Jake Egon, You can join the discord server by clicking the discord button you see at the bottom of this page. Once you have joined there you can make a support ticket and a member of staff would be happy to walk you through any issue you are having joining. Here is the link for the discord if you can't see the button https://discord.gg/xAhc3Fu Regards, Qui Gon Jimmy
  3. I agree man , I only wanted it removed because bases are like beacons atm, with that bug gone and a little tweaking no reason to remove C4. Would be interesting to be able to acquire it different ways provided the items needed to craft it are rare :). Like if c4 trashed the guns inside of gunracks and not just the rack itself that would make people think twice about damaging the gear they are wanting to raid .
  4. C4 meta seems broken the amount of them used in the last few days suggests that to me. I think removing c4 until the Plotpole radius glitch has been fixed is pertinent as this is highly gamebreaking. As anyone can find your base anywhere in 5 mins
  5. You need to open a support ticket on 1skgaming's discord server to do that. The link for the discord is at the bottom of the page.
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