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  1. In the title +1 If you agree
  2. There is a vehicle garage just after you walk past the wooden bridge
  3. People are only unhappy when they've done something wrong, then end up on here trying to tell people they're doing a horrible job. You got banned, then decide to rant on the forums and try tell the management and staff they're doing a bad job?, Ironic. I think the hundreds of people that play daily beg to differ. Donations come with perks and you don't receive some sort of special treatment when it comes to leeway on rule violations. Jog on.
  4. You did something wrong, you need to stomach that. I'd suggest you follow your own advice If you don't like how the server is being moderated or ran maybe go somewhere else? Also you mentioning that people pay for a service?, what service do people pay for?, Servers are free to play the only thing you pay for is the game itself.
  5. "You are a service people pay for it, if the service is shit people go elsewhere."
  6. This is fantastic news. Thought i'd lost my baby forever.
  7. G'day, I'm writing this suggestion today with a heavy heart, I'm sure other people feel the same now we've lost a great and iconic .308 sniper rifle with such accuracy and elegance. I am suggesting a return of the Remington 700 either in its glory or bring it back in a Remington 700 Tactical form maintaining the original .308 or you know what both?
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