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  1. Adding an option to toggle "image" or "Text" killfeed, several newer players don't know what all the custom guns we have look like. Even older players may prefer to be able to read gun names quickly (also adds to those who have custom gun skins). So in the setting tab a tab which you can exchange this for gun name, or have the images in your killfeed would be nice.
  2. Yeah thats fine, speaking of the selling part of it. Buying spec ops guns is fine at spec ops only, but attachments shouldnt be imo. Also believe ghillie camo net & nightvision goggles should be moved back to normal traders, ghillie nets I dont think are that overpowered especially when you have normal ghillies still buyable. Nightvision goggles are counteracted by nvidia filters, so its only a disadvantage for those without filters.
  3. The whole spec ops exclusive stuff I think should be removed. Selling spec ops guns at normal traders should be 50-75% less imo. And the opposite with buying spec ops attachments/mags maybe make them double to 3x the price to still have people take preference over buying at spec ops and storing. But atleast it allows players to quickly kit up weapons and get back to pvp, rather than possibly taking 30minutes longer to get a trip to spec ops/clear it and then fly back to trader to store heli to run to pvp etc.
  4. The airdrops I'm going to disagree with, majority of the time people would fly into airdrops, see what type it was and if it wasnt a military ignore it and fly away or suicide. Now players are actually checking drops and contesting them no matter what. I've found this wipe that drops are giving much higher chances for tier 1's. I've gone to a total of about 12 drops this wipe, and either gotten, or seen atleast 1 tier 1 at 8 of these. Whereas last wipe I could go a full day of going to drops to only get 1 or 2 military drops with 1-3 guns per one.
  5. Preferred being able to sell spec ops guns at normal traders for lower prices, saves people who just want a quick money burst to cash in rather than risk running to spec ops. But those wanting to risk it get higher reward.
  6. Boost the tier 1's again, Currently the only players running tier 1's are large groups. Solo/casual players have near zero chance of competing in a fight, large groups just constantly run all tier 1's whilst contesting players are relying on blazes/tecs. The nerf on tier 1's has only impacted these solo/casual players as groups still run all tier 1's constantly. Casual/Solo Players are afraid to pvp with any decent weapons. I know this is a controversial topic, but personal thoughts is that pvp has been ruined, and only the 24/7 large groups have any chance.
  7. Lower 30 minute cooldowns to 10-15 minutes Change sleeping bag death cooldown radius, so that they can actually be used Remove death cooldowns for suicides
  8. Starting the Helicopter To start the Helicopter you need to enter first person mode whilst in one of the front seat, and put your cursor onto the dashboard, you will see two buttons, one will start the engine (The left option), and one will enable/disable autohover (The right option). Once you have turned the engine on, you will need to move slightly in a direction whilst raising to the air. You are able to use the switches in first person mode whilst flying. Landing the Helicopter All of the above applies exactly the same with landing the helicopter, however the helicopter will take damage if you land too hard, or hit items on the ground. Once you have landed successfully, make sure you disable the engine before exiting, otherwise the helicopters momentum could take it back into the air, and be unrecoverable. (We do not provide compensation for these situations) Important Information Helicopters can be shot out of the sky with 1-4 high powered bullets, depending on the gun used. You can pilot from either front seat, meaning a co-pilot can take over at any point. Shooting out the pilot of a helicopter will immediately make the helicopter fall to the ground Helicopters require fuel to continue running Helicopters do not explode, however will become ruined Tutorial Video
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