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  1. Don't get that garbage 20" fucking reticle one either, the one from expansion was actually amazing if you could do something similar.
  2. I would change the marketplace to not allow c4 trading, and keep c4 spawning at the same rates on Au-1. Have it stay as premier pvp server ( more c4 = less bases = less lagg and dsync ) and just reduce the rates of c4 and shit on Au-2. That way bases can be built and maintained on Au-2 without the huge risk of someone getting lucky and scoring 6 c4 in a couple hours.
  3. Just use the deagle wtf, why would you even bother with this rubbish gun.
  4. C4 wasn't released until almost a month into wipe, so i'm going to guess you started playing this server in the last few weeks. But yes, I don't think it should be as simple as finding a charge at a crash site. Some form of crafting, or added format to force players to use c4 sparingly and in more strategic ways. As sledging is still a great method for raiding, as bases won't be destroyed in minutes. But c4 can allow an early push into a base so I think it has a place. Just shouldn't have enough to blast something sizable to the ground in mere moments.
  5. Due to the bugs associated with the broken leg mechanics, I would just remove. And to be perfectly honest being low life already causes a limping animation and the inability to jump. Not 100% sure what benefit a broken leg really adds, especially with how retarded dayz hit boxes are.
  6. Just a quick note, while in inventory while sprinting your hands are more likely to bug out. It's honestly better to not have it in, otherwise you'll end up aiming a gun that wont shoot.
  7. Just remove them completely, it's only compensating for bad players anyway.
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