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  1. Mate I’m not banned, and I’m not ranting about that? At all I’m here because I want to know why all players are not being treated fairly and the mods and admins do fuck all with regards to chat and whatever else that’s my complain if it’s taken you a while to catch on?
  2. People pay to help the admins upgrade or run the server or pay the cost of if, I I get banned I do accept it but I’m saying why isn’t it being followed through across the board. With all the admins and mods you think it’d be more frequent shut down all the in game bullshit lol. and again telling someone to leave would be an easier option then having to come to terms with the fact you are doing a shit job! And people aren’t happy with what’s going on. But you keep that mentality mate
  3. I’m not saying me, however I’m saying why are you lot favouring people. And why is it not equal, why are admins on the game?? but not sifting through the bullshit?? and more mutes being handed out ?? for all the shit that’s spoken? stop trying discredit me and answer the post..you guys might be tough on ya server mate but that’s about it. wake up to yourself, and run your server better
  4. Just proven my point with what’s wrong with this group. Right there on a forum. Thanks.
  5. Last time I checked why would I be getting banned and or muted for talking shit and acting like a dick but other people are not when you clearly have chat logs? Is your job not to moderate the bullshit? And mute people because like I’ve found out you definitely aren’t shy to use it? So why am I seeing so much crap n chat still and why are admin on the server doing nothing about it? One size fits all it’s not a case by case basis if you do the crime do the time so maybe start doing your job perhaps? You are a service people pay for it, if the service is shit people go elsewhere .
  6. Are you trying to say our points are invalid? People are paying for this server to stay up and you can’t control the toxic bullshit that goes on under your own roof? And actually put your ego aside and personal feelings? I got banned on the discord as soon as I joined because I asked someone for help and called someone a name like kiddo and got banned and I’ve got screenshots of bubble and exactly that. Why is that kinda shit happening but people can keep going and going you need to have more mods instead of playing the game. IMO
  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s having a. Issues with these people and that bubble guy is the worst of them all. Proper egotistical rude, unhelpful. You’d want to treat the community a bit better before you done have one. Thanks for speaking up mate. If enough people speak up it’s a lot harder to just bury your head in the sand,
  8. I’ve spoken to several people of authority in discord, game and otherwise ask a question the people are rude, arrogant, and disrespect I’m the way they talk and give advice to people. Secondly you ask for help and they declined you for stupid things because you point a different point of view across and they don’t like it and don’t like being spoken to or questioned. You cop mutes or timeouts. In game people talking shit to other abusing people and we speak back and give them a taste of their own medicine and the people who retaliate are the ones being punished. And of course if you are friend of anyone with some pull in the server they are being let off. Tickets declined for stupid reasons. But tickets with less proof then we subway getting approved seems bias as fuck. I wanna know why the crap is happening. And why are shit people not being held accountable??
  9. I’d rather an explaination first because its a two way street unfortunately. And I’m wanting to know why this is happen in a so called community server and mods and admin have an attitude and can’t take a knee or listen?
  10. Things have come to light recently that whilst playing on the servers that admin, mods etc have their own little posse they seem to favour the donators and allow verbal abuse, threatening and just plain bullying of people for no apparent reason. But of course if you retaliate you are the worst person ever, Reporting system taking ages to have anything done. I’ve had a few mates banned for stupid things, like standing in safe zones giving fingers or talking shit back. It seems that when you try to challenge someone or speak up they bury the topic, or just mute groups or timeout the person speaking up. Seems to me that this isn’t the way to run a server or a community in my opinion, not only have I got video but screenshots from my encounters with these admins and player interaction, and others who can vouch. Think there is a big ego problem for everyone involved. Super curious why anyone would want to donate on a server such as 1sk and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about it. Quite frequently people are saying how corrupt this server is. FEEL FREE TO EXPLAIN to the community. I’ll be eagerly waiting a response. Thankyou. please stop deleting my topic.
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