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  1. Currently on the server the rounds are going at 1600m/s, which is completely ridiculous. The real life avg muzzle velocity for the round is 1,100m/s. That might not sound like much of a difference but that’s a really extreme number. For reference the fastest commercial cartridge was 1,200m/s, a 7.62x39 round in DayZ travels at 900m/s. It reduces the gun to a point and click adventure game. At least with the 50cals they have a realistic bullet travel time.
  2. +1 I think keeping AU-2 as is, is fine. Replace livonia with Deer Isle. Theres more to do than look at empty fields and forests like livonia.
  3. I think that'd be really nice +1 Would make raiding other bases way more worthwhile
  4. Only if we get a greatsword to balance things out
  5. I am probably a bit biased here, but I think it's an interesting map simply because it's not Chernarus, although the latest release is a bit janky. Heaps of land mass got added, but the new areas are not really ready for use yet. I think it would be ideal to setup kill barriers or something in the unfinished areas to stop people from going to them. There's like 4 au servers already lol DeerIsle really isn't that small anymore, it does have the benefit of heaps of choke points though.
  6. Try unsubscribing to 1SKGamingModPack1 on steam, and then resubscribing. This will force it to redownload. If that doesnt work let me know and we can try another idea.
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