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  1. Not only Kivvari, but other airdrop Sniper Rifle/Marksman Rifle. It can be modded to reduce volume level to one lower, so it can still be balanced ?
  2. I see the admin/creator can create customize skins for donator players. So why each year, we have a set of items skin and send it exclusively for buying-players?
  3. Vaolk did it on #dayz-suggestion, and I just want to add more. 1, 1.000 Rubbles for every kill. 2, High bounty for killing Server Top Players. For exp: top 1: 500k top 2: 450k, .... Top 10: 50k-100k. But for (2), you cannot grant the money if you are/were in the same party (even once time in past), and make a countdown for 5 mins between each kill (so no one can grind it or kill top players while fresh spawning). But still, someone can grind by new account and gave the money back to player. Idk how to solve this
  4. Maybe Garage kit (expensive like 500k) is great XD No recipe for it, must buy in Spec ops, ......
  5. Yes, i'm talking about Ghillie suit camouflage can carry some stuff. Not big but around 40-60 is enough for sniper to carry more items.
  6. Small Backpack, around 40 i think is ok. With multiple colors fit ghillie suits.
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