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1SKGaming Wipe ChangeLog


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I would like to officially announce that all of our servers will be wiping when DayZ release their upcoming patch 1.10. As DayZ do not release when they are updating, we can only assume and I personally think it will be released this week or next.

There are more changes coming to 1SKGaming servers for this patch, our update will be released in sync with patch 1.10 and the wipe.

In addition to this update, we will be released two US servers a 3PP and a 1PP. Both will be the same as all of our other servers.

Changes are below;


**Global Chat**

We are adding a new and 1SK exclusive global chat to our servers, this global chat will now include a trade chat, and a squad chat which only players in your squad can see. Our new chat also has an In-Game mute function which will help us moderate the chat. It also has a prefix system so you can easily identify staff members, and Tier subscribers will also now have a prefixed group in chat, photos below.




**Going Inhouse**

As some of you may know, a few months ago after leaving DayZ expansion behind I made the decision to go down the path of making our server fully unique to every other server on the game, the goal is to one day soon, have a server that is fully unique to us and all of our mods being 1SK exclusives, this is still very much a WIP but daily development is being done to ensure our server becomes as unique as it can be, to give you the best possible experience we can deliver while shaping what I believe to be the best DayZ servers in the world. So with that being said along with everything else we have been working on we have gotten our own autorun mod and earplugs mod.


**Loadout Vendor**

Another 1SK exclusive being added this wipe is the loadout vendor, this has been request a lot and I am glad to bring this to our playerbase. Loadout vendors will be available to use at every safezone on the map, players will be limited to 2 loadouts while Tier1 Subscribers will have an increased amount of loadouts slots.


**New Weapons**

As said before in our direction towards going fully inhouse with our server, we are adding 6 new 1SK exclusives to our server;










There will also be various changes to our spawn select system, with cooldowns being lowered and sleeping bags being independent from normal spawn block cooldowns.

Airdrops have also had an overhaul after the food situation...

Hope to see you enjoying the servers when 1.10 releases!

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