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1Sk Winter Map ( During Christmas )


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Reply to @wydox : Our Christmas is'nt winter though .. 

Me: Would be great to start one using the chernarus map since its the most prefered map for everyone for pvp ..
Pretty sure we are gonna see people buying snow gun skins for this map haha to get camoed with the snow ..

Its pretty much like the same current stage of 1sk .. But just that adding abit of snow on it would be great !
Heard the next wipe broken legs will be added too .. So the 1sk gamers can now crawl on Snow lol ..

Just wana see 1sk which I believe the best sever in the world to be the best one that still remains !! ♥️


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6 hours ago, Stefanjose1 said:

Would be great if all the severs are switched to winter season using the same map “chernarus” 😎

Switching all servers wouldn’t be good because that means people would lose their bases that they have worked hard for, switching one temporarily would be okay and be doable.

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