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Broken Legs


Broken Legs  

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  1. 1. Remove / keep / modify broken legs

    • Remove the ability to break legs
    • Keep broken legs
    • Keep broken legs, but with the ability for Morphine to fix them

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As you may or may not know, the upcoming 1.10 patch brings back broken legs into the game and I am wanting to know the community's opinion about this features. As stands I am currently of the opinion we should keep the 'new' broken leg system, but add the ability for Morphine to instantly heal them.

Discuss your opinions!

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The fact adding Broken Legs will change the whole gameplay of 1sk .. 
If people actually want it .. I reckon you should make it in a way where one gets broken legs .. 
He should not be able to sprint nor run but only limping which allows him to walk slowly in the limping animation ..
So this limping animation still allows the player to shoot while standing and make his way to safety ..
And he will be able to recover by consuming a morphine ! 💉


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Due to the bugs associated with the broken leg mechanics, I would just remove.

And to be perfectly honest being low life already causes a limping animation and the inability to jump. Not 100% sure what benefit a broken leg really adds, especially with how retarded dayz hit boxes are.

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