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Add some minor changers.


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1. Every vehicle trader when wanting to sell a vehicle will require you to park the vehicle in between cones, however, considering the server doesn't have any cones within the premise of each trader located on the server, the specific spot required makes it really hard and confusing for new players to sell vehicles. This first recommendation specifically targets to see if it's possible to add cones for each particular sell point at each trader, i know it's possible to add custom props onto a map considering there are traders and server signs so i don't think it would take that long to do or much effort at all and will be beneficial to the server

2. I know many players are annoyed at the fact they need to scroll through multiple pages within any trader menu in order to locate the item they want to sell. I want to recommend if we could possibly do an edit to the trader menu system for each shop and have it so there is an inventory tab which lists all the items you have on your person and the amount it sells for. This makes it both efficient, effective, smooth, easy to use and will be very useful feature to the menu if it was added to the server. 

Thank Q 🙂

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