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Remington 700 RIP


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I'm writing this suggestion today with a heavy heart, I'm sure other people feel the same now we've lost a great and iconic .308 sniper rifle with such accuracy and elegance. I am suggesting a return of the Remington 700 either in its glory or bring it back in a Remington 700 Tactical form maintaining the original .308 or you know what both?


Remington 700 Tactical .308 Win - Rifle Rentals - ADAPTRemington 700 ADL Review – rifleshooter.com

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As you know in the last wipe update we removed two mod, MassManyItems and MortysWeapons. This was done in an effort to better control what we have on our server and to make sure what we have cannot be found elsewhere on any other DayZ server.

With that being said I can assure you this weapon will make a return shortly, along with many others.

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