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1Sk Fix and Add Suggestion


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Hello ..


The sever has loss a lot of cool and fun stuff once expansion was removed .. Would like to highlight some stuff that made the sever really fun ..


  1. **Universal suppressor**


The universal suppressor was one of the best mods added .. It allows us to attach to almost every gun in the sever ( AR,Snipers ) Would recommend to bring this back to 1sk !


  1. **GM Trader**


What I feel after the change you made on this trader seems like you removed the normal guns .. I honestly feel that it was unnecessary .. GM itself is a non-safezone trader .. this trader should allow us to get the access to buy normal guns cheaper .. Despite 1Sk being a pvp sever .. I honestly recommend you should add back the normal guns which you can get from Safezone trader .. Even tho prices of Heavy was raised up to 5k .. it’s still fine .. But removing Normal guns .. not cool wydox !


  1. **Weed**


I’ve seen many people in 1sk complaining about bases that have many pots and weed ..

I also notice that the sever takes a big stroke whenever a heli or player runs by a massive base that has a lot of weed .. It also kills sever performance .. What I could suggest would be making the price of Pots higher and also the reward Higher so people don’t have to spam so much pots at their bases .. This would make a player have like 10-20 pots instead of 200 pots to make profit ..


  1. **King Of The Hill**


This is one of the best updates you have added .. Really like this .. But I do have to mention .. The reward from capturing the Hill is abit too much .. Getting like 5-10 T1’s and like 4 C4’s and 6 Imrpovised is like pointless having a base mod and weed mod .. Would suggest you check with the 1sk gamers view about it and try reduce the reward ..


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