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DayZ Rules

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DayZ Rules


General Rules
Do not leave the server when you are engaged in combat, have recently been engaged in combat, or to avoid engaging in combat (combat logging).

Do not log out in or around server events, "server events" includes but is not limited to Airdrops & King of the Hill.

Do not deliberately crash a player’s game.

Hacking/cheating/exploiting of any kind will not be tolerated.

Do not scam or bait players in the Trade chat. All trade agreements within Trade chat must be fulfilled.

Real-world trading (the act of trading anything outside of DayZ for DayZ items or services) is forbidden.

Safezone Rules
The Trader Safezone distance is 800m from the marker of all traders excluding Spec Ops and Drug Dealers.

Loitering on the edge of the Safezone is prohibited. 

Do not steal from another player whilst inside the Safezone. The only circumstances under which you can steal inside the SafeZone is if the items are in semi-permanent or permanent storage such as a buried sea chest.

Do not be disruptive whilst inside the Safezone.

Do not enter the Safezone when you are engaged in combat, have recently been engaged in combat, or to avoid engaging in combat (combat evading).

You may not engage in PVP while inside of the 800m radius or into the Trader Safezone from outside of the 800m radius

Do not follow other players out of the Safezone.

The tampering of or entering of another player’s vehicle without their express permission whilst inside the Safezone is prohibited.

Base Raiding Rules
Do not grief another player’s base.

Do not place codelocks on another player’s base. If you wish to claim a raided base as your own you must remove all of the original codelocks first.

Do not build or place any objects that may give you an advantage when raiding a base. This excludes bear traps and landmines.

Do not log out whilst inside of another player’s base.

The only accepted forms of destroying another player’s base parts is through base raiding equipment such as the Sledgehammer, C4 or dismantling base parts from the weak side.

Base Rules
These rules apply to all objects placed by a player. A breach of these rules will result in base deletion. There will be no warnings.

Bases must be a minimum of 1500m from a trader marker.

Bases must be a minimum of 500m away from large military bases and a minimum of 100m away from all other small military compounds/camps. These "large" military bases include; VMC, NWAF, Balota, Tisy, Myshkino, Bashyna, Prison Island, NEAF, Zelenogorsk Military & Pavlovo.

You are not allowed to build within the towns of 'vybor' and 'grishino'.

If your base is in a legal location but can see into a military, trader, or event area, do not use it to PvP in that area.

Do not block off any entrances into your base with immovable objects. “Immovable objects” can be defined as an item that cannot be destroyed or moved from the outside.

Do not build floating objects that you would not be able to build in real life. An example of this would be building two floors out from a roof with no support, this would normally collapse. The only exception to this rule is water bases, though the foundation of the base must be touching the water

All base buildables must be clearly visible/reachable, meaning you cannot place a territory or storage box for example inside a wall that cannot be seen or reached by another player.

You are not allowed to build around an event location in order to prevent other players from accessing it. Additionally, you are not allowed to place items or build in an event location in order to make an unfair advantage for yourself while looting it or capturing it.

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