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1SKGaming FiveM Koth Features


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  • Assault - This is the default class, you start off with a short range gun but as you move up in ranks, this becomes a strong class.
  • Medic - Access to shotguns, med bag (heals you and your team) & Adrenaline which is purchased in the shop to instantly heal you with a one time use.
  • Engineer - Mixed weapons from the assault class and medic class. Has the ability to repair vehicles at the roadside.
  • Heavy - Unlocks the big guns like the MG, Combat MG etc. Has the ability to place down an ammo bag so that you and your team can restock their ammunition!
  • Scout - This class is for the long range hermits who want to camp in bushes and pick people off from a distance.


  • Repair Point - Each “Base” will have an area where you will be able to take your vehicle and have it repaired for a % of the vehicle cost.
  • Rearming Point - Due to vehicles having limited ammunition, your base will have an area so you can rearm your vehicle (Helicopter/Weaponized vehicles) for cash.
  • Vehicle & Weapon Store - These will be indicated by NPCs, one will be standing alone behind a table and the other standing next to a vehicle.


  • Leader board - You can access the leader board by pressing TAB to see the top players within that round. You can also see your statistics from that game.
  • Compass - This is at the top of your screen, it is extremely helpful for calling out enemy locations to your team.
  • Kill Feed - This is displayed at the top right corner of your screen, it tells you who killed who and with what gun or object they killed someone with.
  • Cash and XP - When you earn cash or XP, you will notice a small pop up with an icon displaying the amount of cash and XP you earned for that specific reward.
  • Score UI - This is at the bottom right of your screen, at the top of the HUD, you will be able to see your money in bold green numbers. The number next to the flag means how many of a team is on the capture point at any given time, the coloured boxes underneath are the current points each team has gained & the little men at the bottom indicate how many people are on your team. When you get into a vehicle, you can also see who the driver of the vehicle and who the passengers are, this is displayed above your cash.
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