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Q) Version Mismatch! How do i fix this?

A) Ensure your game is updated, if you have downloaded it, make sure you don't have 2 copies of DayZ installed


Q) I keep getting kicked from the server, it says to change my name... I've done that/I don't know how to do that.

A) https://www.1skgaming.com/topic/38-changing-your-in-game-name


Q) My Heli/Car got stolen/messed with at trader, what can I do?

A) Make a Ticket in discord, you'll be required to provide some evidence that the vehicle was yours, who messed with it and what happened afterwards (E.g. it was slammed into a tree and ruined)


Q) How do I record???

A) If you have an Nvidia GFX Card and you want a ticket dealt with swiftly, chances are Shadowplay is your best bet 1. Download GeForce Experience here (https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download) 2. Press Alt+Z to open up Shadowplay, turn instant replay off if it's on. 3. Go to Settings > Video Capture to change the length from 15 seconds > 20 minutes, and the quality from Low > High (changes filesize(5 minutes medium is a sweet spot)) 4. Go to Settings > Recordings and click on the "Videos" bar to pick a folder for your recordings to go in to. 5. Go back and turn instant replay on, then press Alt+Z to get out of the menu. 6. Every time something bad happens in game, press Alt+F10 and it will automatically save the last 5+ minutes of your gameplay, very handy for compensation. 7. Upload to a video steaming service such as Youtube or Streamable so you can easily link the video in a ticket.

Q) I think someone is hacking, what do I do?

A) Make a Support ticket and report this to the Admins

Q) How does the plotpole system work? My stuff is despawning?

A) https://dayz.fandom.com/wiki/Flag_Pole

Q) How do i make Weed ? Where do i buy seeds ?

A) Make a garden plot using a shovel and place seeds and water them , Seeds are only findable at industrial locations and green houses.

Q) Is there a way I can Pay for Money in my account or pay money for ingame items

A) NO. This is STRICTLY against Bohemia Interactive's Terms of Service, and against 1SK Rules. Any Breach of this will result in Immeadiate and Permanent removal from the community.

Q) What do I get for donating? How do I donate?

A) https://www.1skgaming.com/subscriptions/

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