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Zombie Horde


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I feel like to expand on the already good server there needs to be a little more emphasis on team play for those who chose to do so, And what's one enemy we all have in common? ZOMBIES! 
It doesn't take long to figure out how to go past them un noticed, and pretty soon they are more or less just "There" much like KOTH and Air Drops, There should be zombie hordes that spawn randomly in certain locations and require large numbers of players to team up and kill them for the reward, Dayz to me, Is missing that "walking dead"kind of zombie feeling, And it would add so much depth to the game if we can figure out a non intrusive way to make zombies more of a threat, 
Maybe you could makes nights last longer, And zombies go "ferel" at night, hunting players just by the smell from 1km away etc, etc, Because right now, you could remove the zombies completely and it really wouldn't effect much, They just need a little something something, Honestly even if there was a mod to have them spawn anyway, Not just towns and cities, like they can roam the forest in packs, Maybe add in an anti-virus, more expensive to buy, rarer to find, and the only cure, instead of simple antibiotics for a ZOMBIE BITE 
There are just my personal views from a newbie with a fresh perspective 

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