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Should Add A Patrol Ai Chopper

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This is just a example and can be changed to fit this community,

This Ai Chopper Would Be Able to Shoot Armed Players and be Deadly and Terrifying this event would only happen a few times a day or even once a day holding either c4 supply, Weapon supply or Building supplies,

The helicopter could be a Apache for looks but have the same Armour as a Huey, would crash just like the supply helis already in game , Everyone Would Be notified That The Heli Has been Shot Down A Wide Circle will be marked on everyone's map of where the heli may have crashed .

i believe this would be a good add to spice up the game play and add more ways for every-type of player to have fun getting shot at.

This Would Be A Great Addition for V2!



"We're Not Here To Take Part, We're Here To Take Over"

High-Lord In SRP -Pablo EskiBrah

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