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The weed has been a fun different experience, it has also made is so easy now to get LOADED AF that there really isn't any need to go to a local military.. all there really is left is pvp at nwaf being that raiding is boring af rn with 30 min windows.. The gun grind to a mill made it more challenging then what it is right now and the camping of rig in au-1 is zzzz then now with the HIVE atm system au4 made me millions with not even having to try. Alot of players might like it easy like this but there is no longer f all to do on the server apart from pvp at nwaf and some nights people are not even there when full pop.. air drops are the only eventful type thing going rn and thats the same groups hitting them anyway (hoarders).. Or is that just the end content now? 


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