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Vault System Information

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The Vault system involves both Vault Strongrooms and Vault Crates, here is some info on them;

  • When opened, both Strongrooms and Crates will dynamically spawn gear from a pre-determined loot pool based on their colour
  • When opened, Strongrooms will sound an alarm heard from 2000m and spawn zombies
  • When opened, Crates will not sound an alarm or spawn zombies
  • Strongrooms spawn slightly more gear than Crates (eg; 5 guns compared to 3)


  • Yellow
  • Green 
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
    • Yellow Is the lowest tier with Red being the highest


Both Strongrooms and Crates will dynamically change their position each restart within their pre-defined locations. The exact locations of Strongrooms and Crates will not be marked on the map, but will spawn within their locations, those locations being;

  • Yellow = balota/Pavlovo
  • Green = Cherno/Mogilevka
  • Blue = NEAF/Rify
  • Purple = VMC/NWAF
  • Red = Tisy


Some Vault cards can be used more than once after being activated;

  • Yellow = 2 uses
  • Green = 2 uses
  • Blue = 2 uses
  • Purple = 1 use
  • Red = 1 use

How to get cards

Vault cards can currently be found by;

  • Killing and looting Zombies
  • Locked gear boxes
  • Airdrops
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