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A couple of suggestions.


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First of all the wipe, it's my opinion that a wipe sooner rather than later would benefit the dieing AU3 greatly. In my opinion I would like to see the wipe be done with AU3 wiping on Friday the 24th (46 days in) and have AU1+2 wipe on the Saturday. From my experience day 1 of a wipe is the more enjoyable and most active, players who have little to no experience of first person pov would probably log in and would take the day to see if they like it or not. Whether or not they like it we would see AU3 at 110 for the day and that would breath life into AU3 that's needed right now. 

Second, player interaction. A couple people have recommended some pvp based mods like king of the hill. I am all for this; right now I've noticed players have been just logging in on the hour to contest the air drop and then logging off because pvp has been inconsistent and inactive (I'm speaking of mainly AU3). My personal favorite is Toxic Zone, no I'm not talking about Lemons base, this mod https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1752669393. I understand the stress this mod can put on a server so I do not expect it to be approved. King of the Hill or the Bounty System mod seem like much more viable candidates and I would like management to consider the application of these mods. Predictability is slowly becoming exploited with hourly airdrops. A random activation in a 2 hourly period is really not as bad as it seems. 

Third and final because TLDR, raiding. Short and sweet because you all have read enough already; Sledgehammers 15mins per door, or 2 charges, 35k @ spec ops.  Hacksaws back, just rarer, 10mins, destroys codelock. And finally C4, I've noticed recently that the c4 mod that was causing server crashes and instability has been updated and has a custom explosion animation that's seen in the latest Soursweet video (don't @ me). So perhaps c4 back as loot spawn and detonators at spec ops for 35k each, 5mins to explode, all doors, walls in 1meter raiders destroying the door stacking meta which is actually cancer and adding to server instability I'm sure. And or just add the decoder mod 🙂

Much thanks,



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