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Ruger Precision is kinda bad in its current state


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Currently the ruger precision is in the higher tier weapons but in reality it's pretty bad. 

The round it fires is just objectively worse than .338. It has lower damage, lower muzzle velocity, lower penetration and it has worse airfriction, meaning the round slows down faster. The only upside to it is it does 50 more blood damage, which is barely an upside considering you have 5k blood in DayZ. 

In the normal trader you can buy a .338 m24 for pretty cheap. IIRC the precision is like 15k at spec ops only, it kinda seems not worthwhile. 

I feel like the gun should either be rechambered to a different round, edit the stats of the .375 or make the gun cheaper. 


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I completey agree with what is proposed here. The rifle serves to be nothing more than a 15k bonus sale at Spec Ops.
With the aforementioned options, I think buffing some of the rounds stats to reflect where it should sit on the ladder.
I think it speaks volumes that people preference a .308 style sniper over the Ruger, clearly showing peoples lack of faith in it.

Big +1 from me.

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