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Gun stats visibility


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I'd love to see the stats of the guns I'm using in game. I feel this would help a lot of the low-mid tier gun users choose the right gun for the job as there are a lot of hidden gems in the game that aren't a 408 or 50cal that new players don't know about, eg: 8mm kark with 250 damage. Especially with next reset, we'll prob have less T1's floating around. 

Outside of bullet stats (which we have available to us), An example would be when choosing between scenarios with HK417/LAR/SR25, it's hard to know which gun works well at range, mid, close, fire rate and so on.

I guess there's two ways stats could be available to us:

Most effort:
We could update the the description of each gun, to show the most valuable stats.

Low Effort:
Maybe there is file you could extract the gun stats, clean up and post on https://www.1skgaming.com/forum/35-dayz-information-guides/



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