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120 Player Count doesn't work due to the copious amounts of lag.. Less players also = more priority skip purchases + Less tickets + Content + No lag..


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If lag is such an issue why dont yous just remove the 120 player limit considering it doesnt work well or like at all...? legit lags like crazy above 100 and yous stick by it, makes no sense, most of ur tickets come from people who experience flipping of vehicles and such from the lag... you can just add more content like wildlife or zombies, with lower player count, less tickets and problems which means less time taken up, and no stupid lag, regardless of the zombies being added or not the rest still stands..???? 

No one enjoys having to leave because they cant pick their gun up or loot bodies and having to wait back in the queue, no one enjoys having their vehicles fly into the sky then making a ticket and waiting 5 days because no admins or mods ever do anything while they are in the server, no one enjoys lag in general.. its obvious 120 player count doesnt work. Every main problem your server has comes from over 100 or so players...

Also, having less players would be beneficial and this would cause more players to want to buy priority skip to avoid the extra 10-20 player queue.. And if thats an issue with more people in queue, look at rust, they normally have 50+ player queues for some servers. 

*EDIT*: For example just last night around 115 players everyone was spamming chat because we all fell through the floor due to the lag and some people died due to it....

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