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    • Added: Sleepingbags in 2 variants used to set a respawn point in your base You can use a maximum of 1 variant in use at a time (2 bags total) New Base Storage Items (Lockable with CodeLock, raidable soon) Grouped Locker Solo Locker (8 variants) Old Locker (2 variants) Four Door Military Locker (2 variants) Rifle Safe (5 variants) Safe Toolsbench (3 variants) Wardrobe (3 variants) Fixed: In-Game Leaderboard Despawning issues (AU2) Removed: Mag Obfuscation mod
    • Added: MedPouch in 5 camos LMGPouch in 5 camos New Fortis Shirt Grip The following 1SK Weapons now take Tactical Flavor attachments M110 SA58 MK18 MDR MCX M4SBR M249 HK417 HK416 Mag Obfuscation mod which changes mag count to a bar, Also changes the chamber status in the bottom left corner to display data. [+] Chambered [-] Unchambered [x] Jam / Block
    • The mod in this error are not ours, what launcher are you using to join the server?
    • so every time i try to join the server i get disconnected and then i get a pop up saying: Warning (0x00040004) You were kicked off the game. Connection with host has been lost then as i try to join again i get this Image i have unsubbed from all the mods and verified the files, but still can't load in any help? plus discord inv has expired
    • Added: Gear Chests have been added back
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