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    • Aircraft Carrier Bandit Camp Train Yard Cabins      
    • Can you come over to our discord and open a ticket. One of us can walk you through joining the server    https://discord.gg/xAXbCkje
    • Thats okay, and no i havnt been able to. can you guys help me out please  
    • Added: Dogtags; Dogtags change based on Humanity and can only be looted from players who had been alive for 20mins before dying Humanity System; Gain/lose humanity based on doing Actions/PvP/PvE Bodybags; All dead bodies will now turn into Bodybags and last 4 hours New main currency (Rubles) < Replacement for gold bars etc Two side currencies; USD; Findable from ground loot and events EUR; Findable form ground loot and events USD & EUR cannot be stored in the ATM A new Trader concept has been introduced, traders are now the following; Novy (Main trader & only SafeZone) Bandit Hideout (Must have -3000 Humanity to access) Hero Hideout (Must have +3000 Humanity to access) Francis Francis is a barter trader and only accepts dogtags for goods Mirek Mirek only accepts USD for goods Hassan Hassan only accepts EUR for goods Ingame book that displays server info and rules (B to open) Extraction & Deploy system Extract from locations to Novy Safezone Deploy to locations from Novy Safezone More info can be found here;  "Raid Pliers" to raid codelocked base storage items (Found in contaminated areas)   Changed: Min listing price on all Marketplace items has been drastically lowered (basically removed, min price is 100) Removed: Many items causing client crashes.
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