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    • I downloaded all the mods required for the AU-1 server but every time I join I get kicked with a message saying that I do not have the Required mods or DLC installed. I have redownloaded all the mods and tried again with no luck.
    • This is a guide on how to activate 1SK's low spec mode or "potato mode". Potato mode reduces the render distance to 1200m, as opposed to the default of 2200m, usually gaining a significant FPS boost.   To Activate potato mode in DayZ Launcher: 1. Close DayZ and DayZ Launcher 2.Open your Steam Library 2. Right click on the DayZ game and click properties  3. Add "-potatomode 1" or "-potatomode true" to the launch options in the GENERAL tab.    To Activate potato mode in DZSA Launcher: 1. Close DayZ 2. Open DZSA Launcher 3. Click the settings tab in the top right corner of the window  4. Add "-potatomode 1" or "-potatomode true" to the Additional Parameters box.   
    • The requirement is 45 days, message is incorrect.
    • I try to join au-1 and it kicks me and says your account needs to be 7 days old, this was today, yesterday i tried to join it said my account need to be 6 days old, and then a few days ago it said my account needs to be atleast 1 day old the days just keep going up and not sure why.
    • https://www.wobo.tools/ Thanks to https://www.youtube.com/user/WOBOchannel
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