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  1. The Shinigami Scope needs to be in the game.... ADD IT NOW
  2. +1 i feel like c4 is too easy to get for any size of groups , make it back to being findable
  3. m37.jfifThe Iconic Holographic sight good for Close and medium range , my favourite sight from almost every fps was removed from dayz not too long ago and needs it return.
  4. The HK417 Is An Amazing Gun , The Horrible Thing About The HK417 Thought Is That The Recoil Is Insanely High And Uncontrollable Spraying At Close To Far Range...
  5. Hardcore Server Weekly Wipe’s Longer Night’s Animals (Bears , Wolves) 5 Team limit Normal Bleed Normal Cold Rain and storms
  6. Vaolk

    Broken Legs

    vote remove it and youll find m200 next wipe
  7. the hk417 has alot of recoil and is not controllable at all . please make a custom 1sk muzzle brake which is rare..
  8. Make a Vanilla server with slightly buffed loot and with mods no spawn select, traders , heli’s ,party’s
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