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  1. To start your own squad, open your map and click on the Squad tab, set a Squad name and Squad Tag You can now place squad markers that your entire group will see, infact you have to be in a group to have the ability to place map markers (making groups is free and easy) Along with this, you will now also be able to see your group members live on the map, and you will also be able to see where they logged out (as shown in red in the picture below) Along with this comes the ability to see your group members pings in the compass HUD and a new UI on the top left hand screen which updates HP a lo
  2. A server will be required to to be able to build bases, a server will also grant you and your group a 30m radius from where the server is located that prevents players from outside of your group building. You can also view, at any time the radius of your server plot pole. When clicking to view the radius from within, a green radius should appear Maintaining your base You will be required to 'feed' your plot pole base building resources in order to maintain it. The system is simple, the more objects you have inside of your plot pole radius the more 'points' your base will cost to main
  3. DayZ AU-1: (Chernarus) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-2: (Chernarus) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-3: (Chernarus) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-4: (Namalsk) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/
  4. Q) Version Mismatch! How do i fix this? A) Ensure your game is updated, if you have downloaded it, make sure you don't have 2 copies of DayZ installed Q) I keep getting kicked from the server, it says to change my name... I've done that/I don't know how to do that. A) https://www.1skgaming.com/topic/38-changing-your-in-game-name Q) Is there a way I can Pay for Money in my account or pay money for ingame items A) NO. This is STRICTLY against Bohemia Interactive's Terms of Service, and against 1SK Rules. Any Breach of this will result in Immeadiate and Perm
  5. The armour value is the % of the damage that you will take. For example if the value is 0.1, you will only receive 10% of the damage value of what hit you. You can use this information and the information in Bullet Statistics to determine how many bullets it will take to kill you. If a vest is missing from this list it most likely does not offer any protection. Helmets Construction Helmet - Motorbike Helmet - Skate Helmet - Dirtbike Helmet - Hocket Helmet Projectile Health: 0.5 Blood: 0 Shock: 0.5 Melee Health: 0.75 Blood: 0 Shock: 0.75 Infected Health: 0.75 Blood:
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