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  1. DayZ AU-1: (Chernarus) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-2: (Chernarus) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-3: (Chernarus) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-4: (Namalsk) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/ AU-5: (Solo/Duo/Trio) http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck/
  2. Q) Version Mismatch! How do i fix this? A) Ensure your game is updated, if you have downloaded it, make sure you don't have 2 copies of DayZ installed Q) I keep getting kicked from the server, it says to change my name... I've done that/I don't know how to do that. A) https://www.1skgaming.com/topic/38-changing-your-in-game-name Q) Is there a way I can Pay for Money in my account or pay money for ingame items A) NO. This is STRICTLY against Bohemia Interactive's Terms of Service, and against 1SK Rules. Any Breach of this will result in Immeadiate and Perm
  3. 50Cal Initial Velocity: 1000m/s Air Friction: -0.0012000001 Penetration: 9 Health: 2500 Blood: 1000 Shock: 400 .408 Initial Velocity: 1600m/s Air Friction: -0.00034999999 Penetration: 1.88 Health: 2000 Blood: 200 Shock: 150 .375 Initial Velocity: 800m/s Air Friction: -0.00088000001 Penetration: 1.1 Health: 240 Blood: 150 Shock: 110 .300 Blackout Initial Velocity: 716m/s Air Friction: -0.00157 Penetration: 0.65 Health: 62 Blood: 100 Shock: 60 5.56x45 Initial Velocity: 1000m/s Air Friction: -0.00105 Penetration: 0.9 Heal
  4. The armour value is the % of the damage that you will take. For example if the value is 0.1, you will only receive 10% of the damage value of what hit you. You can use this information and the information in Bullet Statistics to determine how many bullets it will take to kill you. If a vest is missing from this list it most likely does not offer any protection. Helmets Construction Helmet - Motorbike Helmet - Skate Helmet - Dirtbike Helmet - Hocket Helmet Projectile Health: 0.5 Blood: 0 Shock: 0.5 Melee Health: 0.75 Blood: 0 Shock: 0.75 Infected Health: 0.75 Blood:
  5. DayZ Rules General Rules Do not leave the server when you are engaged in combat, have recently been engaged in combat, or to avoid engaging in combat (combat logging). Do not log out in or around server events, "server events" includes but is not limited to Airdrops & King of the Hill. Do not deliberately crash a player’s game. Hacking/cheating/exploiting of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not scam or bait players in the Trade chat. All trade agreements within Trade chat must be fulfilled. Real-world trading (the act of trading anything outside of Da
  6. Community Rules Use common sense. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. Do not be racist, homophobic or sexist. Do not harass other community members verbally or via text. Do not use inappropriate names. Do not impersonate staff members or other community members and their clan. Do not make personal attacks or threats against another community member or the community. This includes DDoS attacks and doxing. Do not advertise anything not related to 1SK. This applies to any platform community members use to communicate. Do not watch other players streaming
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