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1Sk Heli-Crash ( Loot )


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I’ve noticed a lot of rare heli-crash sites spawns in 1sk and realised that the loot spawning in is terrible ..

I would honestly recommend to remove the heli-crash site to boost the sever performance if the loot is gonna remain the same .. 

But if you have plans to make a change .. I would recommend putting in 1 tire one guns *Chey,Barret,Ax-50,Tac-95* and the rest filled with standard guns like *M4A1,LAR,TEC-21,Ruger* .. The more loot .. the more heli-crash sites are worth checking ..

We all know you have been putting in your best for the 1sk severs and do understand your busy .. Hope to see some cool updates @wydox😎


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