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1SKGaming 22/12/20 Wipe Changelog


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Hello All,

Server wipe is upon us, here is a list of changes for this wipe!

**Regional Hives**

When we first introduced our Hived ATMs we didn't have as many servers as we do now. It has now become an issue where certain players (lemons scum group) and others go onto low population servers to farm money to be used on our main servers. To stop this Hives are now split into regions, where US & EU have their own ATM & Marketplace hive separate from the AU Hive.


Happy to announce the release of our 1SK Exclusive Player to Player Marketplace! This Marketplace is a hub for players to put items up for sale for other players to buy.


You can have upto 10 active listings at one, to list an item head to the profile section of the marketplace. You can also retrieve/edit your current listings. When someone buys your listing, you can go into your profile and claim your balance to be payed out in rubles.

You can access the Marketplace from all Trader Safezones.

The Market place is also Hived!

 **Kill Feed**

Another 1SK Exclusive coming in this wipe is our new custom KillFeed. Our Killfeed now shows a preview of the gun that has been used to kill, instead of typing it in text.

**In-Game Player Reporting**

Another new feature is the ability to report players in game through a new GUI that can be opened by the escape menu;


Once the menu is open, you can select a player, then a reason for reporting them. There is also a text field where you can write additional info.

Once you have Lodged a report, it will be posted automatically into our discord in the channel #dayz-reports for other players to vote on the report.


**Tis The Season**

Until the New Year, all of our Chernarus servers will be running on Winter Chernarus! They will go back to normal Chernarus sometime in the New Year (Don't worry, that wont require a wipe) There is also a lot of Christmas decor to be found around Chernarus.

**Map Edits And Additions**

@Bubble Has been hard at work over the last few restarts to spice Chernarus up with massive improvements to the map, below are some screenshots of some locations;




**Other Changes**

There have been numerous bug fixes and economy changes this wipe, to much to mention in this topic, but the main ones are Tier1 weapon economy nerfs and the bug fixed for the plot pole radius issue.

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