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Lock/unlock vehicles to owner/squad

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Mainly because I'm sick of randoms in safezones jumping in my chopper or running straight to my chopper as soon as I land to see what I have in its inventory. Slows down the process or being able to do gun runs and shit.

Would be nice to see a feature to lock the vehicle to the owner/squad, like the codelock for bases. Preventing randoms from just jumping in it and taking off, or accessing the inventory.

Making it like a 30 second process for someone who isn't the owner/squadmate to unlock with a lockpick. Or 1-2 minutes to brute force it with empty hands?

Or simple make it impossible for randoms to interact with other peoples vehicles in safezones unless granted permission lol

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Why isn't this getting noticed? I can't ever take vehicle with loot to safezone, they all rush over like seagulls to a hot chips and take my loot. An easy way to avoid constant reports that do nothing is to not allow opening of other play's car inventory when in safezone, simple. If they can stop you raising your weapon, they can disable vehicle inventory for non squad members.

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