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1SKGaming 30/01/21 Wipe Changelog


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1SKGaming 30/01/21 Wipe Changelog


Much smaller changelog this time around, as we have all been busy with holidays and the New Year, none the less we have made the following changes;


Base Building

Base Building has had an upgrade, with the ability to now upgrade your base to metal, this will further protect your base against raiding.



Sledgehammering bases will be the main form of raiding this wipe, and with metal upgrades on bases, the time it takes to sledge hammer a base has now change, it now takes 20mins to sledge hammer a base part that isn't upgraded, and now takes 40mins to sledge hammer a base part that is upgraded (20min action to remove the metal, 20min action to destroy the past part)

Along with the metal upgrade, base building has now been made a lot cheaper also! here are some noticeable price changes;


  • All base kits: 3,000 > 1,000
  • Plot Pole: 50,000 > 20,000
  • Big Storage Kit: 22,500 > 7,500
  • Medium Storage Kit: 15,000 > 5,000
  • Small Storage Kit: 7,500 > 2,500
  • NailBox: 4,500 > 1,500



Our C4 Mod has its issues, the current issues make them unable to be used without having a massive blast radius. So for the start of this wipe it will be removed, the developer who made our C4 mod has gone MIA, so until we can source a new mod for this, it will be disabled.


Weed farms / garden pots

Since the introduction of this mechanic there has been a lot of discussion about balancing, performance and issues of this mod. I have made the decision to remove weed farming this wipe and to bring it back at a later date when it is more optimised and planned out better. While this may suck for some people, it will be back and it will be better than before.



With the removal of Weed Farming, we have added another money making method to our sever, this one being a lot more proactive. You can now mine various Ores around the map with a pickaxe



Ores can drop two things, a nugget of what the ore is (a gold ore will drop a gold nugget for example) or a rare gem, which can instantly be sold at traders. If you get an ore nugget (which is a lot more likely) you will need to find 9 more of the same nugget to have a total of 10, which you can turn into an ingot at a furnace (buyable from traders) to sell for an increased price.

Ores will spawn randomly all around the map, but there are more clusters of Ores around hotspots. Ores will respawn every restart, but they will not always spawn in the same places.

Have fun!

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