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1SKGaming 1.12 development changelog


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All updates in this thread have been put on the server since the DayZ 1.12 patch

-Wipe Update 20/04/21-

  • Tier one weapons (m200, tak, barrett, ax-50) are now ONLY buyable from spec ops traders for a very high price. They will now not be found at koth/airdrops/loot
  • Max bank limit has been raised to 10m
  • Bank starting money has been re-lowered to 20k
  • For the next week the login bonus has been raised 3x to 3000 + ACR has been removed from normal traders and is now at spec ops for 12.5k + Nail price has been lowered to 400
  • Max party size has been changed to 6 (including yourself) 
  • AU3-5 have been removed due to low population
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--Change Log 23/04/21--

  • + New main menu screen
  • + Added a mod that reduces weapon lift when close to an object, the mod reduces weapon lift when aiming at walls but not to the point that you can look through them
  • + Breaching Charges (C4) have been added back to the server. Normal breaching charges can blow up anything, while heavy breaching charges are required to blow up doors (upgraded or not) Both of these are buyable only (at the moment) from spec ops
  • + All bullet values (vanilla) have been reverted to pre 1.12 values. We are currently testing this and it may change
  • + ACR spawn chance has been lowered
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--Change Log 25/04/21--


+ Removed damage to shoes, removed damage to gloves and removed bleeding when going down ladders but does not remove bleeding when running barefoot
+ Ability to access inventory while in a vehicle (cars & helis)
+ Removed car damage (and player damage inside of the car when you run into something)
+ Lowered server max pop to 100 for better performance
+ Fixed KOTH
+ Added Green-Mountain Safezone Trader
+ Added Novaya Spec Ops Trader
+ Added custom location for Novaya spec ops trader

- Removed Zab safezone trader
- Removed Bor safezone trader
- Removed GM Spec ops trader (now a normal trader)
- Removed old bullet damages (as mod makers are all updating their mods for the new values, us reverting to old values while keeps some people happy, overall is a step back in server development)

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--Change Log 1/05/21--


+ All items that are repaired now return to the pristine state (you can now also turn worn items to pristine)
+ Inventory move sounds have been added (players around you can also hear these sounds) Video: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4nkRAh3CHM>
+ Server info panel added (default key is pause/break, can be changed in keybinds)
+ Added a car cover that can *only* be applied to cars, this will stop your cars from despawning when they are covered (use the camo net item on a car to cover it)
+ Added a fix to inventory items (they now last through restarts in the grave cross)
+ Added a death marker that will show you where you died on your map
+ few guns/mags have been added back to trader
+ Tombstone mod has been added to au2

- Removed Player reporting mod (not used)
- Removed custom main menu (caused client crashes)

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--Change Log 5/05/21--


+ New main menu
+ New escape menu
+ New Trader menu
+ New respawn menu
+ New death screen
+ New stamina bar
+ New auto run mod
+ Our custom global chat mod is now back

- removed old auto run mod

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--Change Log 7/05/21--

+ Loadout traders now at Spec Ops traders (You cannot buy spec ops only weapons saved in a loadout from normal trader loadout vendors and visa versa)
+ ACR has had a nerf
    - ACR's recoil has been increased by 10%
    - ACR's fire rate has been decreased by 15%
+ Tier 1s have had a price reduction;
    - AX50 is now 300k from 600k
    - Barretts are now 450k from 800k
    - Cheytacs are now 600k from 1m
    - Tak is now 800k from 1.2m
+ Mortys Universal supps have been removed from traders

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--Change Log 10/05/21--

+ Base storage containers now no longer receive damage (can't be ruined when they are placed)

/ Loadout traders have been added back (and now at spec ops as announced in last changelog)
/ A fix has been attempted for helicopter spawns at the virtual garage at altar safezone

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--Change Log 13/05/21--

+ New airdrop mod 'Care package'
    - Items now drop inside of the container
    - Guns now come with attachments on them
    - A marker will now show on the map where the care package is
+ New Hummer vehicle has been added in 5 varients and can be bought from safezone traders
+ Sunglasses now actually work as sunglasses and reduce the effects of the sun and its glare

- Old airdrop mod removed

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--Change Log 18/06/21--

+ New custom status icons, these now also update a lot quicker than the vanilla ones
    - you can press ; to change the layout of the status icons from vertical to horizontal
+ Made the death screen load a lot quicker, this should resolve the issue of players not being able to respawn when they attempt to do so quickly after dying
+ Fixed an issue with the Care Packages and Sledgehammer drops
+ Fixed Ores not spawning around the map
+ Added back Cannabis growing in our own 1SK exclusive mod.
    - Cannabis plants take 60mins to grow and yield 4 unprocessed cannabis
    - Cannabis seeds are now only findable
    - Cannabis can only be grown in garden pots (built with a shovel)
    - Cannabis most be processed into 'processed cannabis' with a bath kit that can be bought at traders
    - 10 processed cannabis can be turned into a cannabis brick with ductape
    - A cannabis brick can be sold at the drug trader for 10k

- Removed compass hud (compass now in status icon)

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--Change Log 23/05/21-- 

+ New 1SKGamingModNamalsk modpack for the ability to add exclusive namalsk map fixes
+ You can now dig garden pots on namalsk
+ Custom HUD is now back and in a testing phase to see if the crashes continue
+ HK416 has been nerfed
+ Location text mod has been added to all servers, when you enter a new town it will be displayed on your screen
+ Safezone cleaning script has been added back to all new trader zones

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--Change Log 9/06/21--

+ M82 Barretts and AX-50s now spawn around the map.
+ Because of the above, the Barrett and the AX-50 have had their sell prices in the trader reduced.
+ Many other guns and mags have had their spawn chances massively increased.
+ All KOTHs now spawn their own gems
+ Two KOTHs can now spawn C4s and Heavy C4s
+ Heavy Vests now spawn less in KOTHs
+ Fixed a server bug in relation to our basebuilding mod

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--Change Log 29/05/21--

+ Removed the chargecard (making pokies disabled) while we investigate an exploit
+ Added scripted no build zones meaning you will not be able to build in certain zones on the map (open your map to see the no build zones) - namalsk soon to be added
+ Advanced server logging and automatic detection of certain forbidden player actions (Some server AC, no more info will be given)
+ Trader icons changed colours to reflect safezone/no safezone
+ Chat will now have a slight shadow

Rule Changes


Please read the rules and make yourself aware of all changes before joining the server.

The biggest rule change is that safezones are now only 500m (the actual safezone radius) and no longer 800m (gracezone removed)

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