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1SKGaming Server Update: Hived ATMs


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I am happy to announce the newest feature that is exclusive to 1SKGaming.. Hived ATMs!

From today, you will now share the same bank account across all 1SKGaming DayZ servers! This means if you have 400k in your bank on AU-1 and you log into AU-3 you will have 400k there now as well. If you make 50k on AU-3 then decide to go back onto AU-1 you will have an updated balance of 450k! and so on. You will share the same bank account balance between all of our servers.

As some users already play multiple servers all data from all of your accounts has been migrated to one and your balance has been updated to the correct amount between all servers.

To make use of this feature, ATMs now have a raised limit of 1Million rubles. You can now also see how much cash you have on you directly from the ATM menu itself.

Have fun!

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