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1SKGaming Wipe Changelog 19/9/21


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- New 1SK Exclusive Territory system built from the ground up, features include;

  • Territory system based off of the vanilla flag pole (much like the territory system we had before)
  • Flag pole will act as a virtual garage for your base where you can store/unstore vehicles from your flag pole
    • A placeable item that you can place outside of your base to act as the spawn point for your vehicles
    • Two types of garages on the flag pole, first is the owner of the flag pole. This garage acts as a shared garage and can be used amongst every player that has rights to the flagpole. This will use the landing pad kit that the owner has placed down
    • To use your own virtual garage on the flag pole you do not own but are a member of, you will need to place an additional kit to be used as your store/unstore point
  •  A unique trader system that you can access from your flag pole (details below)
    • This flag pole trader will have its own unique currency (bitcoin)
    • The flag pole trader will have a select amount of items
    • When you buy vehicles from the flag pole they will be added to your base virtual garage
    •  You will be able to farm Bitcoin by placing a new item in your base (a PC) and connecting it upto a generator to keep it running. You currently yield 2btc per 3 hours the server is farming, this is per PC.
    • 1BTC = 10k Rubles. You will be able to sell your BTC for rubles in an updating coming shortly after this wipe.

- Many new guns have been added to the server;

  • kivaari 
  • M98B 
  • T5000 
  • mar10 
  • DVL10M2 
  • Gevar 
  • SRSA2 
  • TAC21 
  • AS50 
  • UM96 
  • USP 
  • M1918A2 
  • U1000 
  • m78 
  • trenchgun 
  • FRF2 
  • TP82S 
  • M870 
  • Mp443 
  • tec9 
  • VECTOR 9mm&45ACP
  • AK103A 
  • RPK16
  • AEK545

- New 1SK Exclusive car, the BTRGaz

- Many other small changes and QOL updates


Thats all for this wipes changelog, this wipe will be filled with more updates and changes as the days go on. Hope to see your in game!



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