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Imagine A Dayz World Where...

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There was Fighting Factions Good And Bad ,

These Factions would have a MASSIVE impact on the server and game play, everything Im saying here , is just a example and can be changed to fit this community,

First of all i want a bit more of a fighting chance for the smaller clans/trios,duos,solos etc , as lets be honest Unless your A Really Skilled PvPer its near impossible to hit Koths/Drops, More Often Koths or even attempt any because of the Larger groups,

My proposal is to add 1,2 Permanent Factions that Groups Can rotate 3 Times During a Wipe , Making It That Smaller & Larger groups can Initiate War and take over a Faction Base , These Larger Factions Would Not be able to sell Drugs but, controlling Certain Cap Point (area's on the map like a Koth) Would allow certain % of all drugs sold to Drug dealer and Both SpecOps Including Gun Sales , This Cap Area For Spec ops would be Available to take over at anytime by any size group, Also Controlling a Area Would Add Extra Income Money to each player inside the group, 

Now Into A Bit More Detail for how the Factions Would Work Within the Visual Aspect, I think the bases should be more on the left side of the map as its not the most active area , increasing more exploring and what not, have got a proper idea atm for a gang base location

To Add To This It Would Be Very Easy To Implement Events into this type of Situation 24/7, (Protect the Payload, Take Out A Gang Commando , Attack (etc) The Gang Base , Rewarding Cash/Items/Vehicles Something this Server Wants And Needs to See More of.


To Finish This Up I Just Want To Say that im more of a speaking person so if ya wanna ask more Questions Feel Free To find me in The 1SK Discord PabloEskibrah


"We're Not Here To Take Part, We're Here To Take Over"

High-Lord In SRP -Pablo EskiBrah




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