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Changing your In-Game name

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There are two ways to change your In-Game name on DayZ, firstly we will go through how to change it on DZSALauncher. If you do not have DZSALauncher you can download it here; http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home

Once you have downloaded DZSALauncher navigate to the top right of the launcher and click the settings button


Once you are in settings navigate to the "Ingame Name" section and apply your In-Game name


And you're all set, simply join a server through DZSALauncher and your ingame name will be what you have filled out in the settings.


Setting your ingame name in the standard DayZ Launcher is also a very simple process, simply open the launcher and select the "Parameters" tab and then head into "All Parameters" and put your ingame name in the "Profile name" section, once done make sure "Profile name" is ticked and you are good to go, if all is successful it should look like this;


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