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1SKGaming DayZ Development Updates 15/07/22


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  • Dogtags;
    • Dogtags change based on Humanity and can only be looted from players who had been alive for 20mins before dying
  • Humanity System;
    • Gain/lose humanity based on doing Actions/PvP/PvE
  • Bodybags;
    • All dead bodies will now turn into Bodybags and last 4 hours
  • New main currency (Rubles) < Replacement for gold bars etc
  • Two side currencies;
    • USD; Findable from ground loot and events
    • EUR; Findable form ground loot and events
      • USD & EUR cannot be stored in the ATM
  • A new Trader concept has been introduced, traders are now the following;
    • Novy (Main trader & only SafeZone)
    • Bandit Hideout (Must have -3000 Humanity to access)
    • Hero Hideout (Must have +3000 Humanity to access)
    • Francis
      • Francis is a barter trader and only accepts dogtags for goods
    • Mirek
      • Mirek only accepts USD for goods
    • Hassan
      • Hassan only accepts EUR for goods
  • Ingame book that displays server info and rules (B to open)
  • Extraction & Deploy system
    • Extract from locations to Novy Safezone
    • Deploy to locations from Novy Safezone
    • More info can be found here; 
  • "Raid Pliers" to raid codelocked base storage items (Found in contaminated areas)



  • Min listing price on all Marketplace items has been drastically lowered (basically removed, min price is 100)


  • Many items causing client crashes.
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