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1SKGaming Server Update 1.09


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Here is what being added and changed at 1SKGaming for DayZ Patch 1.09

Lets start off with some important things;



We will be implementing our very own 1SKGaming exclusive base building system as of DayZ 1.09. This base building system is new and with time, more features will be added to it, these include; Exclusive Plot Pole system, Exclusive c4 raiding system, Exclusive Codelock system. To view the current features and images of our new base building system you can view the showcase here; 

The first iteration of raiding with our new base building with simply be sledgehammers. Sledgehammers will able to destroy any peice of base in one raid mechanic and the sledge will be ruined after it has completed, raiding will now take 30mins per object you are raiding.

 Tak-95 Nerfs

Yea, I know. The gun was released in a state that took the servers by storm and has turned pvp into a m4 50cal shitfest, the below nerfs should help fix that;

  • Tak95 Mag reduced to 10 bullets
  • You can now no longer sprint with the Tak95 (much like the pkm)
  • The Tak95 no longer spawns in the world and is only obtainable via Airdrops




Content Additions & Improvements

Much more content has been added to the server, with some well know additions having an overhaul.

HK417 Has been remade;



We now also have our own Cheytac, the gun will act the same but now has a new model that is 1SK Exclusive;



We are adding more gun storage options;




And finally, we are adding 1SK Exclusive storage;

Large Military Storage (750 slots)



Medium Storage (500 slots)


Small Storage (250 slots)



Have fun 🙂


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