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Would you buy LMGs instead of assault rifles?


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Hello everybody, 


I've noticed that the forums is a bit empty so I decided to take this chance to have a little discussion about LMGs and Automatic Rifles.

The question is, if you had to choose a fully-automatic firearm, would you pick an LMG or a Rifle? Please know that you cannot run with an LMG (This does not include any other LMGs you can run with)


To me, I think LMGs in the game is a fun gun to use. Not that viable due to its inability to run/sprint and control it's recoil. If anyone tried an LMG, you'll know that they do carry an insane amount of recoil. However, they do come in with some decent power and magazine size. What do you think, would you use an LMG such as PKM or M249 instead of an M4, Honey Badger, or an AK?


If you have an answer, I would appreciate if you could send me your answer on this survey so that I can use it in future references. Thanks!

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