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Add M249/PKM to normal trader.


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I would like to suggest an idea that we could try for this wipe!


As the title states, I would like to see M249 and PKM on the normal trader for 4000 Rubles and their magazines for 200 Rubles each.

Note: These two LMGs are guns you CANNOT sprint with.




You must wonder: wouldn't that be overpowered and broken? Please hear me out.

The two said LMGs are belt fed, thus carries huge magazines. Additionally, the PKM, uses a 7.62x54r round that carries more power than an AK or an M4 that does not penetrate walls. However, in a PvP scenario, the two guns will be matched against its competitors: Automatic rifles-three of which takes place within the top 5 of our current wipe on the server: HK416, M4-A1, and Honey Badger


But how are automatic rifles related to LMGs?

Balance is important and it happens in a PvP situation. Thus, the gun that can eliminate your opponents quicker would be considered superior. In a combat situation, I personally believe that LMGs are far disadvantageous due to their lack of mobility and lack of control in its recoil. If you have used any of the two said LMGs, it is clear that the recoil is very hard to control. Therefore, the three automatic rifles mentioned are superior.


Players' thoughts and LMG's reputation:

From a long term observation, I have noticed that players are desperate to sell their PKM and M249 on traders for prices that are almost identical to a Honey Badger-which are 4000 Rubles. What this proves is that the player base despises the performance of the gun in comparison to what they could get with the same amount of money. 


Then why do you want it on the normal trader?

As a player that enjoys something new, but not the meta, I would like to try something more different than a typical assault rifle, sniper rifles, and tier 1 weaponry. 


Then why don't you scavenge/buy it from Spec ops?

Personally, from my long term experience on the server, the LMGs don't live up to their price on Spec ops-which are sold for 30,000 Rubles a piece. If you go up to any players on the server and ask if they would purchase 30,000 rubles worth of LARs or LMGs, they would pick LARs without any hesitation. 


Then why would it be useful?

Because I enjoy playing with a group of friends-well, you could call be a roleplayer or whatnot-whenever we go for an airdrop, there are quite a lot of zombies to kill, or at least bait for my teammates to get to the drop and I thought these LMGs could once be loved and be useful on the server. 


PKM uses 7.62x54r, that's the same round as a mosin and you could use it as a belt-fed sniper. Wouldn't that be overpowered?

To me, I would disagree so. For 4000 Rubles, if I were to pick a gun for distance firefights, there are better options such as the M24A3, CZ-750, and Blaze. Additionally, these snipers are mobile thus allowing you to sight onto enemies quicker than a PKM while changing locations WITH A SUPPRESSOR. Additionally, the 7.62x54r round takes on average of 2-3 shots to the average plate-carrier sold on the market to eliminate a target (Which is also why people choose other snipers than the mosin although it's cheaper).


Then why wouldn't you ask for a drum magazines to be sold at the normal trader instead?

As mentioned, three out of the five rifles on the top-weapon list on the server are automatic rifles that has a manageable to easy recoil with a high fire-rate that eliminates an enemy efficiently. Therefore, it would be overpowered.


The LMGs are designed to be base-defense weapons used along with Gorka armor.

From my experience on the server, raiders are always in huge groups that contest airdrops and carry tier 1 weapons that are capable of penetrating multiple walls (which are also showcased in many kill-montages on our community) Gorka armor against these tier 1 weaponry (M82 Barrett, Tac-95, M200 .408) doesn't protect you like it would from a 5.56 or 7.62. Additionally, Gorka armor is also easily defeated with .308 and .338 weapons which are not tier 1s.




In conclusion, I would greatly appreciate if it is taken under consideration to at least test this suggestion on the current wipe. I would love to see this change. All feedbacks are very much welcome and I would love to hear it! Thank you for your time reading this post. 




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